Tiger Leaping Gorge

A lot of things have been said about numerous paths in the Gorge. Consider there is one hiking trail and a lower concrete & asphalt road where dozens of buses, cars and minivans drive crasily on.Most foreign backpackers will come by themselves to the Gorge and explore the "high trail" following their guidebooks and local maps (that can be found in the map section here).

It is not the only to "hike the Gorge", but what we will describe here in likely to be the one matching most of people, in terms of timing, pleasure and physical capacity. I am sure the other adventurers will find ways themselves!

Considering you are likely to come from Lijiang, Shangri-La or even Dali, don't rush up to arrive to early in the morning and better arrive during the afternoon. It leaves you time to deal with your heavy luggage if you want to store them (Jane's guesthouse is one solution among others) and start warming up by walking on th road until the trek really start. From the road, two departing points (that meet again 5 to 10 minutes later) : either right at the level of the milestone 174 (for your information, Tina's guesthouse is precisely at the milestone 194, so 20 km to go on the lower road), then you start going up on the small pathway, or you keep walking further on the asphalt road for
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Tip: depart the earlier you can to avoid most of backpackers (more than 100 per day in peak seasons) and the annoying locals having horses to let...

Dangers & annoyances

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Middle Gorge and Tiger Leaping Stone

Depending on the season of the year and the time of the day, you might have to handle local people trying to help part with your cash under the false pretext they constructed or keep taking care of the path. The local police more or ess managed to eradicate that on the main trekking path but unlegitimate locals will keep bothering you for the small pathes going down to the river itself (ways we don't encourage taking anyway).